Getting To Know the Kilted Farmer Team – Alice

Kilted Farmer Koncerts logoName: Alice Gray Marks
Role: Street-team, fangirl

Current favorite album:
The Shins, Wincing the Night Away

Most anticipated album of 2012:
the next one from Dead Can Dance

Favorite recently released album (within the past year):
Tom Waits, Bad As Me

Most memorable past live show:
Einst├╝rzende Neubauten at First Ave

Touring act you’ve seen live the most times:
Probably Assemblage 23 by now.

What are you excited about musically right now?
Going to Kinetik* in Montreal this spring after goth prom.

Name one band you think deserves more recognition:
The Bellwether Syndicate

Other music related activities:
Co-head of Goth Prom

*Yes, Kinetik 2012 is over. Alice sent in her answers before the festival, but your friendly Kilted Farmer webmaster was not so on top of things with this post!