Looking Ahead to 2012

Kilted Farmer Koncerts is currently looking at shows for after the first of the year. If you hear of any upcoming tours in the dark electro genres for 2012, feel free to contact any of us by leaving a comment here, emailing or sending a message on our various social networking sites.

Freezepop at Dragon*CON 2011 via http://www.aztalanturf.com.

We bring in shows because we love live music, but there are economics involved in doing so. In order for us to keep bringing in great live music, we need your help! While we continue to work behind the scenes, introduce your friends to darker music. Tell them about Transmission Thursday nights on The Current. Take them out to Hard Mondays, Transmission, Chamber, Perish or Ground Zero. Spread the word about the kiltedfarmer.com, the Kilted Farmer Facebook page and @kiltedfarmer on Twitter. Help us set the stage *cough* for success with future shows. And of course most importantly, join us at gigs!

See you soon!


March 13, 2011 Update

Thanks to everyone who came out to see Lords of Acid, Angelspit, Radical G! and Thought Thieves. You got Kilted Farmer Koncerts’ 2011 season off to a great start! If you have photos or video from the evening that you’d like to share, please post them on our Facebook page.

Up next are Conjure One on Wednesday, March 16 with Little Tin Box, Vosho and Pyro Plastic Flow and Legends of Synthpop on Thursday, March 31 with Mesh, De/Vision, Iris and special guest Somegirl.

Recently Confirmed Shows

Two big shows have been confirmed for this spring: Combichrist on May 11 and Frontline Assembly with Die Krupps, iVardensphere and DJ? Acucrack on May 29 (Memorial Day weekend). Full details are coming soon so stay tuned.

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