KANGA w/Wax Lead, Trapezoids, Devata Daun 21+

POSTPONED!! Due to COVID-19, this show has been postponed. We hope to re-schedule for this summer, if it’s safe to do so. Subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on social media to receive updates.

Kilted Farmer Koncerts and The Red Sea Restaurant and Bar present…

With guests Wax Lead, Trapezoids, and DJ sets by Devata Daun


Friday, April 17, 2020 POSTPONED! New date TBA.
Doors 7:00 pm, 8:00 pm show, 21+

$17 advance / $20 at the door
Tickets on sale now at Eventbrite

Venue Info

The Red Sea Restaurant & Bar
320 Cedar Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55454

The Red Sea is located at the intersection of Cedar and Riverside, next to the West Bank Green Line Station and near the Cedar-Riverside Blue Line Station. There is abundant parking within 2 blocks of the venue, including a pay lot directly behind the venue. The restaurant and bar have separate entrances. Enter the venue from the door closest to Washington Ave., a few doors north of Riverside. Directions and parking info are available from the Red Sea’s website.

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Videos and bios below the fold…


Heavy Pop. Industrial but not.

KANGA is a solo project of a Los Angeles based composer, artist, and music programmer who has worked on films that include Nightmare, The Devils Carnival II, Insidious III, and The Conjuring II. KANGA wields the power of objectification. Fetish, sexuality, angst, and melancholy take shape, bringing the dark miracle of life to song. Mechanization & melody are made from fragments of KANGA’s own flesh and soul to become her objects of creation.

In 2019, KANGA self-released EP Eternal Daughter and toured the UK with Gary Numan, to rave reviews like this one:

“Tonight the lighting was set so that we could witness this solitary figure throwing moves across the stage like a seductive industrial/EBM version of Lara Croft but without actually making out the person’s facial features. The music was in keeping with the current state of play in the Numan camp and thus was well received and the merch stall was busy as a result of this after the gig. If you are a fan of dark fetishistic keyboard sounds with often heavy body blowing notes with sweetly sounding Grimes style lyrical contact atop, then KANGA is for you!” -Brighton & Hove News

Web | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music

Wax Lead

Brewing ‘post-punk, ballads, soundscapes, and silence since 2017

With a self-released debut 4-tracker, entitled “Husband, Lord, & Master”, at the very end of last year [2018] under their belt, the quartet play a poignant, dense and vibrant, bordering on goth, noir-ish post-punk leaning on evocative layers of twangy guitars, hypnotic somber bass lines, enriched by heartfelt and moving passionate vocalizations, influenced by artists like the Cranes, Nick Cave, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Madrugada.

Rumbling and seething bleak bassline, backed by tight drums, ominously pulses unremittingly throughout, penetrated by jittery piercing guitar chords that supremely whine, rip, radiate and collide, achingly echoing murky, angry, equally fragile and powerful, female vocals weighted by deep hopeless fear and distress as a woman rebukes about greed, vanity, and indifference in the dystopian land of mass consumerism.

Shadowy and introspective, both compelling and subtly disturbing, “Honey on the Moon” is pervaded by a profound sense of reckless endangerment that speaks straight to the heart.

Source: White Light // White Heat

Bandcamp | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music

The Trapezoids

Minimal new wave. The Trapezoids join the bill for an extremely rare live performance.

The Trapezoids formed in the back of a school bus in Feb. 1981 by 13 year olds Nils Johnson and Bradley Beving. Born out of a mutual infatuation with DEVO, Kraftwerk, and Gary Numan, grand ideas were hatched and plans were made.

After a week or so of talking about The Trapezoids, and “writing” 2 songs (Yellow Meat and Free Milk) the idea was abandoned due to the severe lack of synthesizers.

In 1982 Bradley got involved with the punk/hardcore scene in Minneapolis, changed his name to Ollie Stench and went off in a completely different musical direction, but never abandoned his love of analog synthesizers and New Wave music.

After 25+ years of making other musics and collecting more influences Ollie has decided to revisit the Trapezoids project and see what kind of entertainment he can come up with.

Whether that entertainment is for his enjoyment or yours has yet to be determined.

Bandcamp | Facebook

Devata Daun

Devata Daun in the studio

Source: Devata Daun Facebook

Devata Daun is a Minneapolis-based DJ and musician. Her original works can be found on Pytch Records. She spins darkwave as Devata Daun and techno as Tekk Nikk.

Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | Pytch Records | Spotify | Apple Music


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