Ayria w/Inertia 11/15 at The Nether Bar

Ayria 2016 flyer

Kilted Farmer Koncerts presents…



With special guests Inertia and The Trapezoids

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Doors 7:30 pm
Show 8:00 pm
18+, $12 adv / $15 door
Details at millcitynights.com

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Venue Info

Mill City Nights
111 5th Street N
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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Videos and bios below the fold…


Three years after 2013’s “Plastic Makes Perfect”, Ayria strikes hard again with her fifth full-length, “Paper Dolls”. Ayria, an established icon of female club industrial music, mashes pounding beats and aggressive synths with melodic female vocals and extremely energetic live shows. Parkin stays true to her roots on this new release, diving back into the slick electro sound that started Ayria in 2003, while continuing to evolve the sound to appeal to modern listeners. Parkin once again enlisted scene heavyweight and long-time collaborator Sebastian R. Komor (Icon Of Coil, Bruderschaft, Zombie Girl), to produce the “Paper Dolls.”

Web | Facebook | TwitterYouTube | Bandcamp


Inertia are an Electro-Industrial-Rock-Dark Pop outfit from London, UK.

Inertia is the creation of Reza Udhin, also keyboard player with the legendary KILLING JOKE. Over the past 23 years, Inertia have conjured up their own brand of electronic music, fusing together danceable Industrial with dark melodies, harmonized vocals, haunting song lyrics and filmic soundscapes. The band have been prolific with their touring over the past two decades, and have taken the stage at notable festivals such as DragonCON, Celtic Circle’s Night of Darkness, and Wave Gotik Treffen. They return to Minneapolis after a successful tour supporting KMFDM in 2015.

“Inertia are the best and most aggressive band in London” .. Gary Numan

Web | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter

The Trapezoids

Source: ReverbNation

The Trapezoids formed in the back of a school bus in Feb. 1981 by 13 year old Bradley Beving. After a week or so of talking about The Trapezoids, and “writing” 2 songs (Yellow Meat and Free Milk) the idea was abandoned due to the severe lack of synthesizers.

In 1982 Bradley got involved with the punk/hardcore scene in Minneapolis, changed his name to Ollie Stench.

After 25+ years of making other musics and collecting more influences Ollie has decided to revisit the Trapezoids project and see what kind of entertainment he can come up with.

Whether that entertainment is for his enjoyment or yours has yet to be determined.


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