Haujobb & Alter Der Ruine at Nether Bar August 24

Haujobb album art

Kilted Farmer Koncerts presents…

Haujobb album art



With special guests Alter Der Ruine, Dissociate, and Echo Signal

Monday, August 24, 2015
Doors 7:30 pm
Show 8:00 pm
18+, $15 adv / $20 door
Details at millcitynights.com

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Venue Info

Mill City Nights
111 5th Street N
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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Videos and bios below the fold…


Haujobb is a German musical project whose output has ranged drastically within the electronic music spectrum, from electro-industrial to IDM and techno. They have become a staple crossover act, bringing several forms of electro into the mainstream industrial music world.

Haujobb are part of the newest wave of electronic dance acts to come storming out of Europe. Along with such other notables as :wumpscut: and VNV Nation, Haujobb are bringing, if possible, an even newer surge of adrenaline to a genre that already seems expanding to burst.

Haujobb was formed in 1993 by Daniel Myer, Dejan Samardzic, and Björn Junemann, pulling the name from the Blade Runner translation of “skin job”.

Web | Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube

Alter Der Ruine

Alter der Ruine is a three piece electronic act based out of Tucson, Arizona. They began their career in 2005 as a power-noise outfit led by Mike J (drums, programming, production). During that time ADR played a ton of sweaty underground clubs and private parties that catered to a special breed of noise enthusiasts. From there the band went bonkers, as in drunkenly crazy, when it came to writing new music and playing out. As a result the outfit’s sound isn’t always the easiest to pin down. A groovy synthpop jam is just at home next to a wall of pulsing, distorted percussion. That’s their bag. Alter der Ruine don’t settle down and they don’t make things easy.

2014 sees the release of a new album from Alter der Ruine called ‘I Will Remember It All Differently’. It is a melodic and emotionally charged record that showcases a more vulnerable side of the band’s expansive catalog. The current line-up of Mike J on drums, longtime member Mike T on vocals / keys and the addition of Tamara on keys and backing vocals gets the boat floating; and the band has never been more ready to chum their strange waters.

Web | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp | YouTube


Conceived in 2001 by Jonathan Ford, the enigmatic Dissociate has been one of the hidden treasures of the Twin Cities scene. Dissociate is designed with spontaneity and improvisation in mind. Every performance is a unique exploration of the material often resulting in new musical discoveries within this confined aural space.

Dissociate is the solo project of Jonathan Ford, a Minneapolis, MN USA based musician, sound designer, and DJ that draws influence from an array of electronic genres both past and present. In contrast with many current electronic acts, Dissociate is designed with spontaneity and improvisation in mind. Each song is constructed and arranged in real-time from multiple hardware sound sources, triggered samples, live keys, and looping sequences. Though the overall structure of each song is preplanned, every performance is a unique exploration of the material often resulting in new musical discoveries within this confined aural space.

Dissociate released its debut independent album “Precursor” in May of 2008. The album was primarily recorded live with minimal overdubbing and post-production. The tracks were mastered by Colin Mansfield (Fine Art, Sound Commandos, Husker Du producer).

Past projects in which Jonathan Ford has participated include: playing guitar and programming for Dies Irae !US (1996-1999), co-founder of The Descent on KUOM 770 Radio K (University of MN, 1997-2003), as a sound designer, Jonathan has contributed music, audio collages, and sound effects to numerous local theatrical and performance art pieces. In 2002, Jonathan participated in an 8-hour production of “Die Hamletmaschine,” performed on July 4th in conjunction with the XIV World Congress International Federation for Theatre Research in Amsterdam.

Dissociate has opened for Nitzer Ebb, Covenant, Rotorsand, Amish Rake Fight, Micronaut and others.

Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Reverbnation

Echo Signal

Echo Signal is a post-punk band with influences ranging from Bauhaus, the Cure, and Joy Division to New Order, Depeche Mode, and Twin Shadow.

Bandcamp | Facebook

DJ Spleen

DJ Spleen

DJ Spleen is a corn-fed southern boy that enjoys hard driving beats and things that go BOOM. Spleen enjoys exploring musical genres such as industrial, aggrotech, and EDM. He is a frequent guest DJ at Ground Zero and Hard Mondays, and appeared at CONvergence 2014 and 2015.


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