Freezepop at Nether Bar July 18

Kilted Farmer Koncerts presents…

Freezepop flyer 2015


With special guests Dance Assault, The Electric Witch, and Duck Duck Punch

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Doors 8:30 pm
Show 9:00 pm
18+, $13 adv / $15 door
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Venue Info

Mill City Nights
111 5th Street N
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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Freezepop has always been something of an oxymoron: embraced by both hipsters and nerds; serious about irony; and retro-futuristic. A synth band in a guitar videogame, singing pop songs about rock. And it all somehow makes sense when you listen to the music.

Formed in Boston in the summer of 1999, when electropop was barely a blip on the indie radar, Freezepop released two homemade EPs and started a DIY machine that would become one of their trademarks. Their debut album, 2000’s Freezepop Forever, was released domestically on their own label, Archenemy, as well as licensed in Europe by the Spanish indiepop label Elefant. Several more EPs followed, and in 2004, Freezepop put out their sophomore album, Fancy Ultra•Fresh. After nearly eight years of self-releasing their CDs, they partnered with Rykodisc/Cordless Recordings for their third album, Future Future Future Perfect. Their single “Less Talk More Rokk” was the iTunes #4 dance/electronic song of 2007.

While the band has done well on college radio, repeat-charting in the CMJ Top 50, a key factor in Freezepop’s success has been that they have sought out licensing opportunities to get their music out into the world. A natural fit on videogame soundtracks, the band saw their following grow through songs in the cult music-based games Frequency and Amplitude, and then increase exponentially after appearing in several installments of the massively popular Guitar Hero series, Dance Dance Revolution, and Rock Band. Freezepop have a strong connection with their fans and have toured extensively, playing energetic, fun, and chaotic shows throughout North America and Europe.

Some may see Imaginary Friends as the grown-up Freezepop. For the first time, new songs from this record were tested out on live audiences rather than being crafted solely in the studio, which in many ways streamlined Freezepop’s sound into a focused force that reflects the energy of the live show. With a whimsical spirit still intact, Imaginary Friends is a more impactful and refined record than fans have heard in the past and finds Freezepop taking the leap to dance floor legends.

Web | Facebook | TwitterYouTube

Dance Assault

Minneapolis-based trio blending equal parts funk and electropop.

Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

The Electric Witch

“Pounding the synth noir electro button for all its worth till the vocoder effect rips through your throat…Robotic non stop and exquisite.” —Fokkawolfe

The synth-noir sounds of The Electric Witch seemed to descend out of nowhere in 2012, becoming an overnight sensation when their collection of classic NES covers (one of two debut EPs) titled NEScapism made its way onto the biggest gaming blogs in the world and the top of the Bandcamp charts.

In fact, the duo of Zac Bentz and Marcus Matthews had been making music in the Duluth MN/Superior WI area in various bands since 2001. Eric Anderson and Steph Bentz (yes, Zac’s wife) eventually joined the live band. Matthews left TEW in 2014 after an explosive batch of live gigs. Mary Bue, friend of the band and successful solo act in her own right, jumped at the chance to take over vocals duties, transforming into a glittering robot siren, luring the unwary to their doom.

Heavily inspired by Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Royksopp, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, NIN, Daft Punk and many others, The Electric Witch explores disturbing fantasy and glowing futurism with an edge of robotic vocals and echoing post-industrial soundscapes. Murder, dark romance, obsession and robot rock.

The follow-up to NEScapism, as well as their fourth album of original material, are both well underway.

Facebook | Twitter  | Bandcamp

Duck Duck Punch

Fueled by vintage synthesizers & drum machines, Duck Duck Punch brings the analog spirit into the modern electronic genre. Influenced by pioneering synth acts and contemporary interpretations—Duck Duck Punch falls somewhere amongst the likes of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Ladytron, Goldfrapp, and Fischerspooner.

The duo, Bryan Rudell & Trent Waterman, met as design students at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Formed in the summer of 2009, Duck Duck Punch broke the traditional genre barrier of the Minnesotan Iron Range—home to Bob Dylan, Trampled by Turtles, and Charlier Parr; folk capital, USA. With a handful of songs in their arsenal, they inhabited Minneapolis a year later where they’d produce their debut album, Human Chemistry.

Exploring collisions between the collective consciousness and the individual psyche, Human Chemistry became a cynical document of the human condition. Carried by themes of trauma, desire, disease, and escapism. Duck Duck Punch added a little grit to the classic, dance-driven synthpop formula.

Web | Facebook | Twitter


DJ SLT photo

Source: House Shinto

DJ SLT is the host of Across The Board on KFAI, early Friday mornings from 2-6am (Central Time US). DJ SLT has had a love affair with Twin Cities radio since the early 1980’s. He also had an amazing stint as a sub DJ on a wide variety of KFAI from fall 2004 to spring 2007. Including: Wave Project, Tehuti, This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’, Jet Set Planet, Mystery Train, Dart Gun Radio, In Your Ear, Voice Cried Softly, Radio Rumpus Room, Crap From The Past, True Brit! & Musical Transportation Spree.

You may also see DJ SLT in local nightclubs as the guest DJ for Transmission at Clubhouse Jager (and formerly The Hexagon & Imperial Room), The 7th St. Entry, Chamber at The Bolt Underground, Hard Mondays at The Saloon, Triple Rock Social Club, 2010 Twin Cities Dark Arts Festival, Gothic Valentine 2011, Next Element and monthly for Bondage A Go-Go at Ground Zero in Minneapolis. DJ SLT was also the resident DJ for “Dark Quarters” at Rusty Quarters Arcade.

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