11/17 Ego Likeness, GATA, Servitor and Ficshe at Ground Zero

Kilted Farmer Koncerts and Ground Zero Nightclub present…

Ego Likeness 2013 tour poster
Ego Likeness

with special guests

Gabriel and the Apocalypse, Servitor and Ficshe

Sunday, November 17, 2013
Doors 7:00 pm, 7:30 pm show, 18+
241s first hour after doors

Tickets $12 advance
$15 at the door

Venue Info

Ground Zero
15 4th Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Social Links

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Videos and bios below the fold…

Ego Likeness

Source: www.egolikeness.com

Ego Likeness was created in 1999 by artist Steven Archer, a DC native, and writer Donna Lynch in Baltimore, Maryland. Taking their name from Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel Dune, the band began as an experimental/ dark trip hop project. Throughout the course of four full length albums and several EPs, Ego Likeness have explored numerous styles from darkwave to trip-hop to rock.

Ego Likeness signed with Metropolis Records in 2010 to release their fourth album, Breedless. The album showcases their dark electronic trip hop sensibilities overlaid with Donna’s passionately emotive vocals. While many may compare them to Curve and Collide, Ego Likeness continues to take their music to darker corners of the human psyche.

In addition to touring extensively with The Cruxshadows, Voltaire, Ayria, Angelspit, The Ludovico Technique, Ego Likeness has had the honor of sharing the stage with The Damned, Peter Murphy, Chris Connelly, Collide, Razed in Black, Bella Morte, Das Ich, Rasputina, Iris, Decoded Feedback, The Azoic, More Machine Than Man, In Strict Confidence, Combichrist, Stromkern, New Model Army, And One, Seabound, Attrition, Assemblage 23, Nitzer Ebb, Aesthetic Perfection, Terrorfakt, The Gothsicles, and many others.

Ego Likeness has performed at festivals throughout the US and in Europe, including Dragon*Con (Atlanta GA), Convergence 11 (San Diego CA), Dracula’s Ball (Philadelphia PA), Ring Con (Fulda, Germany), Balticon (Baltimore MD), Black Sun Festival I (New Haven CT), Freaks United (DC), Eccentrik Festival (Raleigh NC), Reverence (Madison WI), Wicked Faire (Somerset NJ), WTII Mini-Fest (Chicago IL), several Electronic Saviors Benefit shows, and others.

Web | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter

Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Source: www.gabrielandtheapocalypse.com

Minneapolis industrial rock outfit, Gabriel and the Apocalypse are here to surprise and inspire. “Longevity comes from doing something different and having artistic integrity” says vocalist, Lindy Gabriel. “We want to take the mainstream and add our own artistic qualities.” The result is Gabriel and the Apocalypse- creative, original, visual, artistic, strong and here!

Gabriel and the Apocalypse released “Into the Afterglow” a full length album in 2009, to much acclaim. Their single, “Hey You” was voted #7 song of 2009 on Minnesota’s 93X “Loud and Local”. “Hey You” was also published for use on MTV/Microsoft’s Rock Band Network. In 2010 the band continued to play and expand their fan base playing shows throughout the midwest with National Acts such as Flyleaf, Otep, American Head Charge, Mushroomhead, Combichrist, We are the Fallen, Soil, Lords of Acid, Ventana, Pearl, Thrill Kill Kult and many more. The band was also been featured in the Jesse James Off Road DVD series.

The band released their latest full length record “new World disAsteR” in September of 2011. The first single “LIKE GoD” features Rick “ST1TCH” Thomas of Mushroomhead/Ventana. The band kicked off the release with a fullscale midwest tour alongside American Head Charge. A music video for the album’s opening song “Here Comes The Crash” was released in April of 2012. They have just returned from the road supporting American Head Charge once again on the US leg of 2013’s Shoot Tour.

Gabriel and the Apocalypse have shared the stage with the following national acts:
Flyleaf, We are the fallen, American Head Charge, Otep, Mushroomhead, Soil, Pearl, Combichrist, Lords of acid, Thrill Kill Kult, Ventana and many more.

Web | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Servitor Sanctum 7

Bio from www.servitordrum.com

Servitor reflects the living resurrected earth springing back through the decay of the failed industrial machine of many cities. The living breathing pulsing drums, the grinding, rhythmic machine of industry.

Servitor combines live percussion with foundations in traditional West African, Afro Cuban, Middle Eastern, Brazilian, and American tribal drums with a heavy, diverse and rich background of grinding industrial programming. A screaming, pulsing, thundering, music experience that is a massive departure from the usual approach to rhythms in electronic music.

Live Servitor’s unique setup and approach allows for performances along with other artists. Servitor has performed live with dancers and has played drums for other acts. Servitor’s music has been used for fusion/bellydance performance tracks poi/fire performances and independent commercial advertisements. The best way to get the live feel of Servitor’s drums in a dance/fire performance is to bring Servitor and the drums on stage.

Servitor’s unique sound, and heavy emphasis on drums has thundered through the underworld to bring out the most unexpected, but entirely welcome cadre of dancers, artists and misfits. Among the masses of Servitor dendrophants are the raq-ing, shimmy-ing belly dancer, the vintage-teching steampunk, the boot-stomping rivethead, the drum circling skin pounders, the footloose African dancer, Ren Faire geeks and SCA enthusiasts. The audience of a Servitor show is always diverse and overflowing with creative, artistic minds. It’s impossible not to fit in.

Servitor has toured with several ethnic fusion bands, has performed with Tartanic and has played live drums for Caustic and Prometheus Burning. Servitor is also a member of Canada’s industrial noise mainstay iVardensphere.

Servitor has shared the stage with Ego Likeness, Ventana, VNV Nation, Ad Ver Sary, Iszoloscope, Cyanotic, The Prep School Tragedy and has been an active part of the local Detroit Industrial scene.

Web | Bandcamp | Facebook


Solo, female darkwave electronica with intimate singer/songwriter elements. Industrial and trip-hop influences weave through the music while the ethereal vocals cascade through each song. Live or on your headphones the dance beats and magical lyrics Ficshe delivers always generate a consuming, intoxicating experience.

“Ficshe [pronounced fik-she], she mixes goth, darkwave, glitch, ambient, and New Wave into a synthesis of electronic composition, adding emotionally intense and, yes, Gothic themes (her stage name is taken from the library call number of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein–FIC SHE) to her vocal arrangements.”

-Sarah Wash, City Pages

Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | ReverbNation

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