Leaether Strip 25th Anniversary at Ground Zero 18+

Leaether Strip Flier

Kilted Farmer Koncerts and Ground Zero Present…

Denmark’s electro-industrial pioneers LEAETHER STRIP

25th Anniversary tour & 1st time EVER in Minneapolis

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Opening acts Cynergy 67 and Promidal
w/ DJs Nitrogen and Noise
Doors 8:30pm
Show 9pm

$20 / adv
Online at Brown Paper Tickets starting May 18, 10 AM
At Ground Zero ticket booth during club hours, no fees
$25 / door

241s for first hour after doors

Venue Info

Ground Zero
15 4th Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Social Links

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Videos and band bios below the fold…


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LEAETHER STRIP is the solo-project of Danish electronic industrial artist Claus Larsen. LEAETHER STRIP quickly built a buzz as one of the most exciting emerging acts in Europe in the early 90’s.

After a very successful “Japanese Bodies” 12″, the debut album (“The Pleasure of Penetration” ” released in 1990) instantly established itself as a classic, featuring a punishing rhythm pace and aggressive electronic style with distorted vocals that he has since become renown for and that is often described as “LEAETHER STRIP”s trademark”. The following albums and MCDs allowed LEAETHER STRIP to conquer the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans of electronic industrial music across the world and to become one of the leading acts on the cult Zoth Ommog label. Both “Solitary Confinement” (1992) and “Underneath The Laughter” (1993) albums helped Claus Larsen establishing his position on the music map, reaching top sales in both the European and American electro scenes. While reminding the powerful angst seen in other electro acts such as FRONT 242, SKINNY PUPPY or even NINE INCH NAILS, LEAETHER STRIP rapidly got the reputation to be carrying a deeper message and meaning in his work through his very personal intense music and the sometimes emotional, sometimes political dimension of his lyrics.

With “Serenade for the Dead” (1994) LEAETHER STRIP shook the foundations of the industrial scene by surprise, radically departing from past expectations, drifting away from his trademark harsh power sound towards a more orchestral / gothic sound we would later refer to as “symphonic dark electronics”. Conceived as a soundtrack piece, this beautiful album showed a completely different side of Claus Larsen”s talent and proved that LEAETHER STRIP was able to take the challenge of redefining his sound while still offering the same song writing depth and force. A milestone in his discography that took the path of a more versatile musical approach that highlighted his diversity in rhyme and his masterful crafting in song writing.

Fears of seeing Claus Larsen express his inner torments only through his turbo-driven side-project KLUTE, while letting LEAETHER STRIP fade from its roots, were rapidly gone with the release of the follow-up albums “Legacy Of Hate And Lust” (1995) and “The Rebirth Of Agony” (1996).

His last album to date, “Self-Inflicted” released in 1997, continued the LEAETHER STRIP sound tradition, revealing a full return to the Claus Larsen sound of old, while being in many ways more diverse than anything he’s done before, allying solidity and confidence; and being still today described as his best effort to date. The sound and vocal diversity being emphasised by a forced upgrade of Claus” home studio after a devastating flood.

A few months later LEAETHER STRIP paid homage to SOFT CELL with the release of the “Anal Cabaret” ep which allowed many journalists to acknowledge that “The guy can actually sing, which is pretty unusual in the EBM genre, where volume and distortion can make up for a lot of vocal inadequacies”.

Besides a bunch of “best of”, “demo collections” and other “remix albums”, it was at the turn of the millennium that LEAETHER STRIP released his last 7-track single to date “Carry Me” (2000).


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Every so often, a band comes along that demonstrates such a vicious talent and dedication that it eclipses everything around it – Cynergy 67 is just such a band. Hailing from Wisconsin, the trio of VX-5, Evo-1, and Mundayne represent a 21st century underground success story, unleashing a furious assault of intense electo/rock. From humble beginnings enduring the lows of numerous lineup changes and financial strain, Cynergy 67 continues to evolve into a powerhouse act that has seen the band share the stage with the heaviest hitters in the underground and alternative music scenes.

Creating a hybrid fusion of industrial, techno, and rock, the band first made waves with the New Machine EP on Radio.Active.Music in 2005. Already possessing a strong live presence, the Cynergy 67 show began to grow in scope as they band opened for such acts as Orgy, Powerman 5000, Godhead, Deadstar Assembly, and Celldweller. Visualize a veritable cyberpunk cornucopia – black lights, glow sticks, gas masks, with the music pulsating through the speakers with pounding dance rhythms, acerbic synthesized sequences, and guttural guitars, topped off by aggressive yet emotive vocals. Such impressive displays of audio/visual stimulation helped the band to garner several endorsements from various clothing and equipment companies. These early performances were captured on the band’s first DVD release, Mechanical Failure of the Soul.

In the following years, Cynergy 67 stepped up its A-game, releasing the Project: Assimilation album in 2009 with several remix singles in cooperation with FiXT Music as well as the Regeneration DVD in 2010, exhibiting an improved scale of production and performance to put them on par with the most polished acts in the mainstream. All the while, the band has continued to evolve their live presentation to incorporate video accompaniment, expansive lighting, and eventually making good on their provocative and cyberotic sound with the inclusion of live dancers.

In 2011, Cynergy 67 held the distinction of being the first US band to sign to LektroLand and Sonic Angel, the new label founded by Lords of Acid’s Praga Khan, with a new full-length album entitled SINthesize due in 2012 as a CD/DVD package. To see a Cynergy 67 show is to step into a tantalizingly sensual futuristic world – William Gibson and Philip K. Dick sharing drinks at a black lit bar with an android bartender, cybernetic go-go performers dancing for your pleasure in a smoky room, static-distorted images of roborotic delight, and Cynergy 67’s melodic, energetic, and hypersexual brand of electro/rock is your soundtrack, guaranteed to make your circuit boards wet for more!


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Promidal was a mechanical discharge from the far corners of the mind of TerrorEyez. Created from selflessness and hatred towards fellow man, Promidal is a Panzer ready to pave through the weak minded, crucify the divas of industrial and shoot crunchy Christ smashing musical ammunition through the faint of heart. Promidal is an idea and something that will stand true and prevail where most have been left dead in their tracks and failed. Promidal is self reliance, the inner beast within us all. Promidal is the ability to overcome the fallacies cast before us. Promidal is the key to opening a doorway within us releasing the anger and hatred contained.

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