10/24 Theory of Revolution 2012

Kilted Farmer Koncerts and Triple Rock Social Club present…

Theory of Revolution MN Tour Flyer

Theory of Revolution Tour 2012
Wednesday, October 24, 2012

With Deviant UK, Carved Souls, for all the emptiness and Thought Thieves

8:00 pm, $10
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Venue Info

Triple Rock Social Club
629 Cedar Ave.
Minneapolis, MN
Map & directions

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Deviant UK

From www.theoryofrevolution2012.com

Deviant UK formed in 2004 as a synthpop band [although pseudo-metal guitars were also a key part of the sound]. The band name was initially picked as it was how the frontman described his outlook on life, ostensibly as ‘something or someone outside the accepted norm’ but often specifically focussing on a bacchanalian world of deviant sex, absolute hedonism and.egomania. Inspired primarily by his self-confessed hero Gary Numan, Smith candidly admitted his desire to live the fabled ‘Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’ lifestyle although this caricature occasionally belies his idiosyncratic songwriting style and clear talent for crafting anthemic, memorable and occasionally bombastic electronic pop.

Facebook | MySpace

Carved Souls

From www.theoryofrevolution2012.com

Influenced by synth-pop/darkwave and other styles Carved Souls started composing and decided to explore other medias by developing new ideas and sounds techniques. The new combination of elements forged the fundamental sound of Carved Souls.

Since that time Carved Souls has emerged and submerged repeatedly avoiding the spotlight remaining 
as an underground source. In that time lapse the group’s work has included three self released albums.
Machinery (A limited release of the bands early work), incorporating many experimental mechanical sounds. 
Darken Lights (Another step forward redefining the dark synthpop style).

After Darken Lights the band went idle again. Now Suede, Legion, Gotham, & Krz have emerged once again and are now ready to expose and share what has been called a hidden synthetic gem of music.

Official website | Facebook | YouTube

for all the emptiness

From www.theoryofrevolution2012.com

a dark-electro project conceived of and developed by jonathan kaplan, and its songs respond to claims that are made based on anti-reason.

the first full-length cd “axioms” was released on 24 september 2011. this was followed by the second full-length cd “second order” released on 7 april 2012.

“second order” features reworks of the tracks from “axioms”. the opening and closing tracks are given lyrics and the remaining tracks are remixed as “dance mixes” by some of the biggest names in the genre.

Official website | Facebook | YouTube

Thought Thieves

Thought Thieves are a synth pop band. It’s pop in the same kind of way that the Cure is pop…. but more dance/synth oriented….. and getting more synthy as they go… They lug 7 keyboards, drums and guitar to live shows and let it all out…

Their first EP, “All I Pretend”, debuted in April 2009. Their second EP, “Krista”, launched in April 2011, and we are currently recording what we feel is our best music and look to have another disc out in 2012. The group has been featured in the Twin Cities Electropunk compilations and has opened for national acts like Lords of Acid and Anything Box.

Official Thought Thieves website | Facebook | MySpace | Twitter

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