Getting to Know the Kilted Farmer Team – Erica

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Next up in our series of Kilted Farmer Team bios is Erica, who is at the cutting edge of a ton of underground and generally under appreciated music. Previous team bios are here.


Street team member

Current Favorite Album:
Icon: Koru by SITD

Most anticipated album of 2012:
Letting Go by Stray

Favorite Recently Released Album (within the past year):
Nightglory by Kirlian Camera

Touring act you’ve seen live the most times:
it’s a tie between VNV Nation & Tori Amos (4x each)

Most memorable past live show
Unter Null at Ground Zero in 2010

What are you most excited about musically right now
Ashbury Heights is working on new music after a legal battle with its label Out of Line

Name one band you think deserves more recognition
Javelynn (featuring ex-Ashbury Heights singer Yasmine Uhlin)

Other music related activities
The Twin Cities Underground blog

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