Getting to Know the Kilted Farmer Team – Lauri

Kilted Farmer Koncerts logo
Name: Lauri D
Role: street team, fan

Current Favorite Album:
The Hunger (band) – Leave Me Alone

Most anticipated album of 2012:
Depeche Mode

Favorite recently released album (within the past year):
Ministry – Relapse

Most memorable past live show:
Juliette Lewis @ Station 4

Touring act you’ve seen live the most times:
Depeche Mode 8x’s

What are you excited about musically right now?
Going to see Ministry in Chicago this June.

Name one band you think deserves more recognition:
Gabriel and The Apocalypse

Other music related activities:
TravLaur Productions

Of the Kilted Farmer shows you have helped promote or attended which has been your favorite?
Cruxshadows @ The Varsity

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