Getting to Know the Kilted Farmer Team – Henry

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And the team bios just keep coming. This time, it’s Henry’s turn. Check out previous bios here. We’ll be profiling more Kilted Farmer team members periodically, so stay tuned.

Name: Henry Ostby

Role: Gender Bender/Santa’s Little Helper

Current favorite album: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

Most anticipated album of 2012: Born Villan

Favorite recently released album (within the past year): Apoptygma Berzerk Black EP Vol 2

Most memorable past live show: Marilyn Manson @ The Myth 02-08-08 (That’s my vale!)

Touring act you’ve seen live the most times: Marilyn Manson X5 (Soon to be X6)

Of the Kilted Farmer shows you have helped promote or attended, which has been your favorite?
I would have to say…hmm. I remember Seabound being very good. I would have to say that my favorite would have to be that I have a wonderful time whenever De/Vision comes to Mpls. I like them and they seem to have grown so much over the years. Been to all 3 shows. : )

What are you excited about musically right now? Icon Of Coil tour.

Name one band you think deserves more recognition. Gabriel and the Apocalypse.

Other music related activities: Seeing Rammstein for the first time ever after waiting over ten years. Hot.

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