Get to Know the Kilted Farmer Team – Trace

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Kilted Farmer Koncerts is composed of a group of people who eat, sleep and breathe music, and in particular, live music. You’ll often see us at shows featuring local, national and international acts, at dance nights such as Chamber, Transmission, Hard Mondays or the various dance nights at Ground Zero, at the Elysium Society’s Gothic Coffee meetups, or Goth Prom planning meetings. You might also see us around the web blogging, podcasting, posting about music, or discussing music at Dark Twin Cities.

Some of you know us and some of you don’t, so we’ll be doing a series of “getting to know you” blog posts to give you an idea of who we are via some things that have caught our attention musically. First up is our fearless leader, Trace.

Trace (The Kilted Farmer)

Fearless leader

Current favorite album:
Journey – Eclipse

Most anticipated album of 2012:
Pet Shop Boys – Format

Favorite recently released album (within the past year):
Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth

Most memorable past live show:
Journey at Moondance Jam 2009

Of the shows you’ve promoted, which has been the most memorable:
Information Society/Moulin Noir @ Varsity in 2009!!!

Touring act you’ve seen live the most times:
Poison – 4X

What are you excited about musically right now?:
The upcoming concert schedule that we are planning and that me and my wife are planning on attending!! (She won’t go to Rammstein with me though. Hates Them!!)

Name one band you think deserves more recognition:
Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Other music related activities:
Singing in the tractor!!

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