7/3 Aesthetic Perfection, X-RX, BlakOpz, Static Image at Ground Zero 18+

Aesthetic Perfection postcard flyer

Kilted Farmer Koncerts and Ground Zero present…

Aesthetic Perfection at Ground Zero
July 3, 2012

With [X]-Rx, BlakOpz
& special guests Static Image

DJs Nitrogen and Noise will keep you dancing between sets.

Doors 8:00 pm, 8:30 pm show, 18+
241s first hour after doors

Tickets $12 in advance from Brown Paper Tickets / $15 at the door

VIP packages are available from www.aesthetic-perfection.net. Note that you must purchase a concert ticket separately from (and in addition to) the VIP package.

Venue Info

Ground Zero
15 4th Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Social Links

Facebook Event | Last.fm Event

Aesthetic Perfection

I welcome you to your hell, it’s not much but I hope you like what you see, the deliciously sarcastic opening line from “A Nice Place To Visit”, kicks off All Beauty Destroyed, the third album from electro/alternative icons Aesthetic Perfection. “There’s an intentional irony in having a band called “Aesthetic Perfection” naming your album All Beauty Destroyed” notes Daniel Graves, the founder and sole creative member behind Aesthetic Perfection. “It’s this struggle between personas, the dark and the light, the Jekyll and the Hyde” he remarks.

Fans of Grave’s previous albums won’t be disappointed as All Beauty Destroyed continues in the dance floor tradition of A Violent Emotion and Close To Human, though with this new album, things take a decidedly darker and more sinister turn. “The Devil’s In The Details”, the first single released in April, 2011 showcased the evolved sound that Graves expounds on with the new release. The second single, “Inhuman”, with its synthesized chant of No hope, No pain, No loss, No gain, is bound to keep DJs satisfied with its pulsing rhythm and shout-along vocals.

Conceived in Los Angeles, Graves founded Aesthetic Perfection in 2000. After playing shows throughout Hollywood, the new act attracted the attention of noted local club DJ Bractune. When Bractune heard the Aesthetic Perfection demo he decided to form his own record label as a vehicle to get the band’s music to the masses.

Grave’s debut, Close to Human (2005) was the first release on the newly formed Bractune Records label. Shortly after its release the album was licensed for European release to German darkwave powerhouse Out of Line. Numerous live performances followed and the band made its European debut at the famed Wave Gotik Treffen Festival in Leipzig, Germany. With the success of the WGT performance, Aesthetic Perfection was offered a slot on the annual Out of Line tour, which put the young band squarely on the radar of the ever-scrutinous German club scene.

Inspired by his European success, Grave’s relocated to Berlin to work on the follow up. He spent all of 2006 and most of 2007 touring across Europe while continuing to work on new material. Shortly after a second move, this time to Salzburg, Austria, Grave’s completed work on A Violent Emotion, his second album. Graves was so prolific that, upon analysis of the material it became clear that he had completed two albums with distinctive identities. Though not quite ”Aesthetic Perfection”, a one-off album of A Violent Emotion outtakes entitled Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound was released under the nome-de-plume Necessary Response.

Directly after the release of A Violent Emotion, Grave’s headed out on a grueling 7 week North American tour supporting Imperative Reaction and S.I.T.D. Shortly after, Aesthetic Perfection returned to Europe to support Combichrist on the European leg of their “Demons on Tour” Tour. By mid 2009, Graves had become frustrated with his rotating cast of band members, and convinced long time friend and collaborator, David Dutton (genCAB), to play live keyboards. He also asked genCAB’s drummer Tim Van Horn to become the permanent live drummer for the band. Immediately following the revitalized live incarnation, Aesthetic Perfection was asked again to hit the road with Combichrist, this time across America. Continuing on after their 3rd tour supporting Combichrist, the band headed back to Europe for more tours and festival appearances. Over the course of 2010, Aesthetic Perfection broadened their touring scope with headlining tours across Australia, Russia. After the unexpected departure of David Dutton Aesthetic Perfection joined Combichrist for a further two tours, totaling an unprecedented number of 5.

Graves began working on the follow up to A Violent Emotion. Written between 2009 and 2011, All Beauty Destroyed sees Graves pushing his own boundaries, limits and conceptions of what Aesthetic Perfection is supposed to be. In 2011 Graves signed Aesthetic Perfection to Metropolis Records for North American distribution and to Out Of Line for Europe. The album will be released in both territories in the Fall of 2011 as a 12 track single disc edition as well as a 2 CD deluxe edition.

All Beauty Destroyed (2011) promises to be the darkest, most melodic and dynamic piece of work Graves has ever created. In Grave’s words “I make music because it is the only thing I know how to do. Writing about my every day struggles is what keeps me sane… some people seem to relate to that. If not, fuck it, I’d still be doing this if no one listened.”

Source: Metropolis Records


X-Rx at Kinetik 2011

German industrial dance band [x]-Rx bring their sample heavy brand of stompy goodness to Minneapolis. [x]-Rx was founded in 2006 in Cologne, Germany by Pascal Beniesch. They’ve performed at Montreal’s Festival Kinetik in Montreal and the Netherlands’ Summer Darkness festivals. Their latest album, titled 3.0 Update, was released in July 2010.


BlakOPz is blend of Industrial Dark beats mixed with EBM and that pumping hard dance European flair.

BlakOPz has opened for such bands as FGFC820, Imperative Reaction, System Syn, God Module, Prometheus Burning, Chant, Ayria and continues to open for great bands locally and out of state. They have had tracks released on Vampire Freaks Cry for Death Volume 1 Industrial/ electro and also Crl Studios Second Wavelength (Dark) With a track or 2 on the next upcoming Electronic Saviors 2.

If you like hard pumping dark and somewhat aggressive, techo, harsh Ebm, industrial that you can dance your heart out to. Check these guys out.

The group includes..

Bender the Degenerate – who has been a DJ and Producer for 10 plus years. Pumping out tracks with the likes of Phil York and Dark by Design and DJ Mighty Mike Saga.

Kill the Alex – as been producing numerous tracks from all varieties of Industrial, Trip Hop, Hip Hop and Obscure for over 6 years in Phoenix. Bands include The Download Conspiracy, Merry Go Down, Fear the Landlord, M.P. Skitzo and many more.

The two forces collided with a heavy influence of the industrial goth and Hard Dance scene in Phoenix Arizona. They have been making tracks for Dj Mighty Mike Saga for over a year and been producing and Prepping tracks for the industrial crowd for a couple years. Currently the group has been prepping for the release of their first ALBUM yet to be named but keep an eye out the start of 2012!

Static Image

Static Image was born on January 25th 2011, founded by Tracey Setterlund (Promidal/Anduin/FTC). The band was created out of sadness and the struggle of trying to find and feel happiness where there is none. This band expresses the feelings of emptiness and pain both musically and lyrically. Static Image began as a solo project of just Setterlund composing all material as well as performing vocals on all tracks. For the lack of talented industrial musicians in Rochester, MN Setterlund searched for someone able to write similar music of the industrial genre and stumbled upon Jesse Roberts (Souless Affection/FTC). Static Image will be recording their album Regardless of Image with Oni and Zoe Sakti of Shinto Records.

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