I:Scintilla Acoustic in Milwaukee: Photos & Videos

Everyone at Kilted Farmer is extremely excited for the I:Scintilla show coming up on March 30. I had the opportunity to go to Milwaukee last weekend to see I:Scintilla play a duo acoustic set on Saturday the 25th and see guitarist Brent Leitner’s other band, Goodnight Criminals, play on Friday the 24th.

I:Scintilla Acoustic

I:Scintilla had to cut the set a bit short, as Brittany was sick and her voice ran out of steam, but it was still great to see them in such a rare format (I’m a sucker for acoustic shows). It was also very clear where Brittany got her musical talent from, as “Dadscintilla” (aka Brittany’s dad) joined them on stage for Prey On You and a cover of Nick Cave’s The Ship Song.

I talked with Jim, Brittany and Brent at the shows and they are all very much looking forward to playing in Minneapolis. This will be the band’s second ever show in Minneapolis and their first Minneapolis show in 4 years.

See you March 30 at Ground Zero! 🙂


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